Switching To Windows 8.1

Windows 8 features

     Changing to Windows 8.1

If you are one of those computer users who are finding it hard to cope up with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, then you are on the right article.  It is completely normal for a conventional Windows user to have problems while using a Windows 8 computer that comes with an all new user interface known as Metro. Well, seems like Microsoft is doing just what they are best at, making Windows more appealing to a wider audience.

According to the recent announcements coming from none other than the Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, the Redmond based tech giant is very keen on looking into the problems of the users and has promised some impressive updates to the Windows 8 operating system. The updated version will be called Windows 8.1!

The best thing about the new version is that the users who are currently using Windows 8 operating system can download a preview edition of the new operating system so as to get a glimpse of the spanking new changes that have been incorporated into the new Windows operating system. Well, some of the new features of Windows 8.1 as compared to Windows 8 features have been discussed below.

High-resolution display support

The new Windows 8.1 version operating system will be able to adjust the screen resolution in order to match the resolution and size of a connected display. This would mean that the operating system could automatically expand or contract icons and page furniture. This can be a breather for tablet users if they wish to dock it with a keyboard and standalone monitor.

Cataloguing apps

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       Windows 8.1 features

One of the major drawbacks of Windows 8 features is that, it does not have a straightforward way to display all of the applications and programs that are installed on a computer all in one single list. The Windows 8.1 version has a solution for this issue as well. Now, you can view all the installed applications by a single sweep of your finger.

The Start button

This is indeed something to cheer about for users who are obsessed with the traditional Start button of previous versions of Windows operating system. Its re-entry also gives emphasis on the fact that Microsoft is keen on addressing the problems faced by its valued users.

Well, that is it! Let us just keep our fingers crossed and hope that the Windows 8.1 keeps up to its promises.