Easy Way To Install Windows 8 In Your Empty Hard Drive

Install Windows 8

        How To Install Windows 8

The next thing that any user who buys Windows 8 for their PC would think about is how to install Windows 8 on their PC’s hard drive. Well to be honest, the process is quite simple and if you have some patience, everything could be done and you can start using the new OS in your PC in less than 30 minutes. So how do you achieve this task of installation easily on your empty hard disk? It is quite simple and you only have to be patient enough to read through this entire post and do accordingly as said in the post to have the installation completed in no time.

You need to first get access to the installation medium i.e. the device that has Windows 8 installer file. You can either download it directly from Microsoft’s online store after paying for it via your card or PayPal account. You can even buy the installation CD or DVD from an authorized Microsoft store or a 3rd party store which has the license to sell original and genuine Microsoft products. You need to make sure that you buy and install only genuine software in order to get continuous support for your device from Microsoft. If at all you install a non-genuine OS on your PC, then Microsoft will not deliver any form of support for your device.

Windows 8 Installer File

      Windows 8 Installation Tips

If you are downloading the installer file, try to write it onto a CD or DVD using specialized software applications for making installation CD’s and DVD’s. After you have done, just insert the CD or DVD into your PC and follow the instructions shown in your PC to complete the installation of Windows 8. Once this is complete, you will simply find that the whole process was easier than you ever imagined. If you want a simpler way of installing, then download the installer file of Windows 8 into a USB stick and make it bootable using the inbuilt option in Windows 8.

Either way, you can install Windows 8 quite easily on your PC if you follow the steps. The effort you spent will be minimum. The installation process takes time and you will have to wait for a maximum of 30 minutes for the installation to complete. Then you may need to download the device driver software of your extra hardware accessories from their respective manufacturer websites. Everything is quite easy and you will love the experience simply because it is brilliant.