The Two Different Ways By Which The Ask Toolbar Can Be Removed

Ask toolbar removal

     Remove toolbar from Control Panel

When the sight of the Ask toolbar is noted on the computer, eyebrows are raised concerning the Ask toolbar removal. Two un-installation methods that can be followed are the manual un-installation method or the automatic un-installation method. It has been seen the automatic un-installation method is the preferred choice since the complete existence of the Ask toolbar seems to be removed after the automatic method is used.

The manual uninstallation method

  • The Start button has to be clicked and the Start menu will be visible on screen. From the menu, the Control Panel has to be chosen.
  • When the Control Panel window opens, the Uninstall A Program or The Add/Remove Programs option has to be chosen. From the list that is available, the Ask toolbar has to be selected and the Uninstall/Remove button requires to be clicked.
  • The Ask toolbar will be removed from the system. Some left over files belonging to the toolbar may remain and these files require to be deleted.
  • In order to delete those files, access the Start button and from the Start menu, the My Computer has to be chosen. Navigate to the location C:/Program Files/ and search for the Ask toolbar files. When the files are found, they have to be selected and the SHIFT + DELETE keys are required to be pressed.
  • The system should be restarted next.

Automatic uninstallation method

  • To make use of the automatic un-installation method, the Final Uninstaller tool requires to be used.
  • Use of the tool is very simple. The tool can be availed from the internet by downloading it.
  • Next, onto the system, it requires to be successfully installed. The tool has to be run and the Scan option should be selected. The installed programs on your system can be seen and the Ask toolbar should be selected and on the left side, the check box can be seen and it should be check marked.

    manual un-installation

    Remove toolbar using Final Uninstaller tool

  • The registry requires to be cleaned and to clean the registry, the Frontline Registry Cleaner should be used.
  • The Ask toolbar will be completely removed including all of the unwanted files relating to it.

Now you can see that the Ask toolbar removal process is simple by following any of the two methods, the manual or the automatic un-installation methods. Preferably, the automatic method requires to be used for the complete Ask toolbar removal.

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